Birthday Photos

We had a party on Saturday, March 12, 2011 to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. There were at least 80 people who joined us there. These two pictures are a catalog of some of the key players. The first one is my mother with her children; the second one was an attempt to include all her blood relatives who attended the party (this effort was only partially sucessful since there were some who left before this photo was taken and others who arrived afterward).

It was a surprise party, and when Mom arrived she was surprised to find dozens of her local friends as well as several relatives who live within a couple hours drive. A few minutes later she was really surprised when all her children came in: first me, then my brother from Salinas, then the brother from Loma Linda. It is not terribly unusual that either of them would visit, but when the brother from Missouri and our sister from Virginia came through the door her surprise was really evident. We were all together again for the first time in 18 years -- and this time it wasn't to attend a funeral.

Photo of siblings Douglas Sharon Kenneth Carol Allan James Lavella Photo of Mom's relatives Lavella James Debbie Noah Micah Jamie Linda U6 U5 U4 U3 U2 U1 Vicky Candy Allan Carol Janell Kenneth Sharon Douglas Belinda Bobby Glen

KEY The combinations of text styles, borders, and background colors used below may be decoded as follows:

Persons who were present and are represented in the first photo have this bold type-face.

Persons who were present and are represented in the second photo are displayed with a gray border.

Persons who were present but are not represented in either photo are listed using this italic font-style.

Persons who are no longer living are shown using a gray text color rather than black.

  1. Dora

    1. Rosie

      1. Vicky

      2. Candy

    2. Lavella

      1. James

        1. Deborah

          1. Noah

          2. Kaylee

          3. Micah

        2. Jamie

      2. Allan

      3. Carol

        1. Janell

        2. Kristoffer

      4. Kenneth

      5. Sharon

      6. Douglas

    3. Helen

    4. Lenora

      1. Charlie

      2. Bobby

      3. Darlene

      4. Glen

      5. Chris

      6. Michael

    5. Cleo

    6. Roy Curtis

      1. Belinda

    7. Linda

      1. Jennifer

      2. Christina

      3. Danielle?

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