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A Beginner's Guide To Love
We are commanded to love:
What does β€œlove” mean?

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A Beginner's Guide To Love

Matthew 5:43-48

John 13:34-35

John 14:8-17

John 15:9-17

I Corinthians 13

I John 4:16-19

Isaiah 1:11-17

Matthew 25:31-46

Luke 10:25-37

We are commanded to love:

What does β€œlove” mean?

Look at the the words translated into English as β€œlove”

Hebrew – ahab

Greek – agape, agapao, phileo

Which of these did Christ use in his instruction? Agape!

What does β€œagape” mean? Look at

where the word appears and see how it is translated.

Capt. Ebel: love is sacrificing yourself so that the needs of another are met.

Here is the best short definition I know: love is actively seeking and promoting the well-being of another. If you love someone you take action to enhance their health, happiness, and success.

Love demands .

Love does not demand to be loved in return.

Love demands action! Love is something you do!

Now the hard part: knowing that love demands action, what action am I to take toward my neighbors, enemies, and brothers? How active must love be?

Do I list each one and make a list of how I might love them? Become hyper-organized so that I can be sure not to miss any one of them and not miss any opportunity? Imagine this: your neighbor says β€œwhy did you do that for me?” Response: β€œI'm just trying to demonstrate Christ's love and you were on my list.” Neighbor says: β€œstop stalking me you freak, and take me off your do-gooder's checklist!”

Do I wait for opportunities to love, or do I create them?

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