A Beginner's Guide To Love

Matthew 5:43-48

John 13:34-35

John 14:8-17

John 15:9-17

I Corinthians 13

I John 4:16-19

Isaiah 1:11-17

Matthew 25:31-46

Luke 10:25-37

We are commanded to love:




All others

What does “love” mean?

Look at the the words translated into English as “love”

Hebrew – ahab

Greek – agape, agapao, phileo

Which of these did Christ use in his instruction? Agape!

What does “agape” mean? Look at each instance where the word appears and see how it is translated.

Capt. Ebel: love is sacrificing yourself so that the needs of another are met.

Here is the best short definition I know: love is actively seeking and promoting the well-being of another. If you love someone you take action to enhance their health, happiness, and success.

Love demands __________.

Love does not demand to be loved in return.

Love demands action! Love is something you do!

Now the hard part: knowing that love demands action, what action am I to take toward my neighbors, enemies, and brothers? How active must love be?

Do I list each one and make a list of how I might love them? Become hyper-organized so that I can be sure not to miss any one of them and not miss any opportunity? Imagine this: your neighbor says “why did you do that for me?” Response: “I'm just trying to demonstrate Christ's love and you were on my list.” Neighbor says: “stop stalking me you freak, and take me off your do-gooder's checklist!”

Do I wait for opportunities to love, or do I create them?

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