God's People in Exile

What Should We Do?

Grays Harbor Corps
March 26, 2019

Jeremiah 28

The Dueling Prophets

What was the prophet Hananiah's message to the prophet Jeremiah and to the people of Judah? [1-4]

How did Jeremiah receive that message? [5-6]

What warning did Jeremiah issue in response? [7-9]

The Dueling Prophets

Jeremiah walked away from the confrontation with Hananiah [11], but God had other plans -- what did God tell Jeremiah to do? [12-14]

Who witnessed these confrontations between the prophets? [1, 5, 11, ?]

How long did it take to find out who was the true prophet?

Jeremiah 29

Be Ready To Run Home? or
Settle In For The Long Haul?

What instructions did God send to the Jewish captives in Babylon? [4-7]

What promise(s) did God make to them? [10-14]

How could they be sure to receive what He promised?

Be Ready To Run Home? or
Settle In For The Long Haul?

What warning does God give to the exiles? [15-20]

What is planned for the Jews left behind in Jerusalem?

At the time this was written, would it have been better to be a Jewish slave in Babylon, or a proud free Jew worshiping at the temple in Jerusalem?

Be Ready To Run Home? or
Settle In For The Long Haul?

The duel continues!

Oh! and what about those false prophets who had been misleading God's people by telling them what they wanted to hear rather than what God actually said? Poor Ahab, Zedekiah, and Shemaiah! [21-32]

Jeremiah 52

The Blessing Of Punishment

Here “is a record of what happened to Jerusalem and Judah because of the LORD's anger when he drove them out of his sight.” [3] It is a dramatic story, including a runaway king, but let's focus on this bit: “In all 4,600 people went into exile.” [30]

The Blessing Of Punishment

  Start Ref. Duration End Ref.
Egypt 70 Genesis 46:27 430 years 624,730 Numbers 26: 51, 62
Babylon 4,600 Jeremiah 52:30 70 years 49,997 Ezra 2:64-65

God blesses His people even in their times of distress!

God's People In Exile

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Daniel chapters 1, 3, and 6.

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