Hello tildeverse!

Since my native language is HTML4 it will like take me a bit to be comfortable here. I expect to mostly use gemtext here, over the Spartan protocol, so most "blog" entries will be there.

UPDATE: This was my first blog post using the facilities at tilde.team. When I first started exploring the Spartan and Gemini protocols I looked for a place where I could try them out. Tilde.team was very accomodating and made my early exploration very easy. Now that I've migrated all my Spartan content to my main site at jdcard.com I'll use the tilde.team site for experiments and learning, which seems to be consistent with their ethos.

The various blog posts I made during the month or so that it took me to get Spartan and Gemini configured on my website -- specifically those posts relating to the processes involved in learning, testing and migrating the data -- are now being moved to an archive subdirectory in my blog. They should be visible using this link:

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