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Settling In

I fixed the keybindings for the nano editor to be more similar to those of Windows Notepad with the help of Modern Nano Keybindings. I don't really like Notepad, but the years I spent using Windows have my fingers trained for those keybindings. I never learned to use vim or emacs or other nix stalwarts.

Then I installed the Sonus editor but I missed the code highlighting features of nano (and of my favorite console editor: Tilde, which is not quick and easy to install.) Nope, too much like Notepad.

Next I grabbed a copy of micro and set that as my default editor. Aaahhh... (big sigh of relief) this is much better.

Once I set up an sshfs connection to my home directory I was able to begin testing my Spartan content. It's looking pretty good so far.

My biggest challenge now will be to quit living just in my insular world and learn to use the other features of the tildeverse to build some social connections.

Grrr... I just had to re-edit this to fix my markdown errors. Bashblog is cool, but there must be a simpler way of doing this using just gemtext.

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