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There Is No Jewish Religion?

"Religion. Bible. Scripture. Worship. The phrases fit Judaism like a hand-me-down outfit from a sibling who’s a different size."

"Worship of the Christian God is quite distinct from the Jewish conception of Divine Service."

"It will only be when we remove ourselves from this trap of translation that we will be free to understand, to live, and to grow"

Quotations above from the Tablet Magazine article "Trapped in Translation".

It is a fascinating discussion. Now I am wondering to what extent we can truly understand another, even someone we've known for a long time and who lives in the same neighborhood as us. I've had my own misadventures in [translation] (and even left the incriminating evidence behind) and have no doubt that the issues discussed in this article have a good deal of validity.

Translation of religious texts is a somewhat esoteric topic for most of us, but articles like this can help us see how much we may NOT understand about others. Yet we are willing to criticize and condemn them based upon our own prejudices and our incomplete understanding of them.

"Before you abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes." -- Joe South

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