This Week's Photo Assignment

A few times during the past month I've noticed young persons sitting at the base of the tree on the corner at McDermoth School -- the tree which I have decided to call the Scholar Tree. These scholars are often seen with a water bottle and book bag settled there for a relaxed reading session.

My task will be to capture interesting photos of the tree, with or without its scholarly attendants.


Here are the three best images. I have several others that I may include after I tinker a bit.

The Scholar Tree - looking toward the northeast (4096x2594 1.5MB) The Scholar Tree - looking westward (3072x3868 1.9MB) The Scholar Tree - the root structure forms two natural seats, which is where I typically see our young scholars relaxing. (2862x2846 1.5MB)

My best guess regarding what kind of tree this is would be a Wych Elm, based on the matches I found at This is not its native habitat, but they have been cultivated in various parts of North America.

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