What's Your Plan?

I am convinced that climate change is happening faster than many of us thought that it would. I am also convinced that the ultimate result of these changes will be a smaller human population on the earth who are all living simpler lives (using less energy and technological inputs than is common to our current Western lifestyles). This change of life-ways might well be described as "degrowth".

If you're not yet familiar with "degrowth" these web links can help:

Text-heavy pages for those who want detail

More visual or modern web pages

Videos for folks who prefer that format

More videos

While degrowth is often viewed as an economic process to be managed politically, I want to focus on the pragmatic issues on a small scale. What do I, as an individual making decisions about my own life and household, do to prepare for the coming changes?

A few weeks ago I began working out the answer to that question. So far I've got a small collection of links that relate to the ideas I'm working on, intermingled with an outline and a few paragraphs describing my thoughts so far. It is not a polished, well thought out, publishable essay. The page is still being edited, but I want to use it as a tool for discussions that we're having in our family. As we -- honestly, mostly I -- work through that process the page will be updated to better reflect our understanding and our planning.

My degrowth planning working document


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