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Monday, January 3, 2005 7:46:56 AM

This journal is a response to a suggestion by my grandchildren that we have a place where I could post "memories" (similar to those at "Bucketfull Of Memories") and they could add their own comments to them.

James Card - Bucketfull Of Memories

So here we are: my family and friends are welcome to post their comments here (most likely no one else will care much about what's here anyway).

Now the family and friends have their own journals:

Carol Card - Blue Bear Business (

Debbie Ellis - DebStuff (

Remember that anyone in the whole world (including the personnel director where you just applied for a job!) could possibly read what we post here, so let's not embarrass ourselves by what we say here.

We usually hang out somewhere around here:

geo:37.31565,-121.02080 (ACME Mapper)

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