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ROAD STUFF: Day Eleven


Today I have had the great pleasure of spending the day with my sister, JoAnne. We went to the zoo here in Fort Collins that has all occupents all made of metal. It was interesting and a bit unique. We had a great time then returned home where we had left James to fix Dawn's computer and to babysit Chris. All three were found in good order and enjoyed an afternoon of visiting and playing cards.

Last night on the way here we stopped in Denver (or in that vicinity) at a nice Italian restraunt for a romantic dinner in celebration of out 30th anniversary. We had such a nice evening, cordial waiter, good food and reminisced about all the good things that has happened over the years. So many blessings and a love that has grown beyond any we imagined. Just his and my time together has been the highlight of this whole trip. God is so good!

So till next time, have a good day!


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