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ROAD STUFF: Last Night Home


Ok, as said, this is the last night night home before actually leaving on this trip. I have all the bags packed, the ice chest items in the fridge and freezer, car ready to load and maps laid out. It is 8:30 pm and James is still at the office trying to finish things up there so he can leave with a clear desk.

Now all that is left is to worry about what I may be forgetting. I can't pack the toothbrushes until after we use them in the morning and of course the other such items. Then my bracelet the kids gave me for my birthday can't be packed until James gets home to fix the charm that got caught on the computer today caming off. What else could I possible have forgooten?

Do you ever do this when you are taking a trip? Lay awake wondering about all this crazy stuff? I do! And yet it does no good to worry about it. In the end I am only more tired and restless which causes me to think less clearly which in turn increases the odds that I will forget something. Go figure.

So with this said, I will quit here and lets see how many days it will be before I get to post about the actual trip. I look forward to the adventures that lay ahead tomorrow and in the next two weeks ahead for James and I. And remember, we never get lost, we are simply on an unexpected adventure. That is my story and I am sticking to it.


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