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Wow! The Lagrange TUI Rocks!

I just compiled the Lagrange TUI app and installed it on my PineBook Pro (AARCH64 architecture). The executable is called "clagrange."

When I first opened it I was confused by a message saying it had opened the requested page in an already running instance, and gave me a PID to refer to. Sure enough, I had the GUI version of Lagrange already running and it had opened a new tab with the page I requested. I closed the GUI version and tried again.

This time Lagrange was running in my terminal window and looked very much like the GUI version I was already used to. The mouse was useless here so I poked the TAB key a few dozen times, and tried a few other keys until I figured out how to navigate around enough to find the help page and the preferences setting to adjust the keybindings a little bit. The user experience was very familiar and very similar to the GUI version of Lagrange -- with the obvious, and expected, differences required by running as a terminal app. Really cool!

Then I opened a Linux console window and tried the Lagrange TUI there. Amazing! It works here too, albeit with very limited color range and no Unicode fonts with emojis and other fancy stuff. I am impressed.

Now the tougher test: can I compile it in Termux on my old Android cell phone?

Sadly, no. After installing CMake and some other dependencies the compile fails trying to find openssl, which IS installed. It will require more patience and more tinkering - and probably more knowledge -- than I have available now.

At least Bollux works there. It is not as nice as Lagrange but is still quite workable.

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