You can't stop people from killing by killing people!

Let all who have declared that they consider the United States to be their enemy now experience the full force of the mightiest power on Earth: love. Violence only breeds violence. Let us hear and heed the cries of those who believe we've wronged them. Let us understand them and ovewhelm them with love. Of course, we must be careful that our methods and means clearly convey and accomplish our purpose. We would not have the object of our love cry that they are being raped. To love someone else (and of course love is a verb) requires that they perceive and interpret your actions as being acts of love. This what I advocate: if you believe that I am your enemy, it is my intent to respond to you in love, and in a manner that is both just to all and is seen as being loving from your perspective. The other pages on this site are intended to convey this same message or at least be consistent with it.

James Card

James Card

Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy. -- Proverbs 14:10

Welcome to my on-line world.

This collection of material began some years ago on, when my address was still Alas, CompuServe has been swallowed and digested by one of the evil empires. This site receives little attention, so it is still "my on-line world" though long since removed its original environment. Some of the ideas which are most important to me are included here. It is my sincere desire that you find something here which is useful (or at least interesting).

Living in a complex world. My playground...

Worship and Service The good, the bad, and the ugly about my spiritual home.

A Problem of Living Observations and helpful information about living with MPD / DID.

Who am I? If you really want to know...

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This site is not "under construction". I may (some day) find time to revise or add to the material available here. Until then, what you see is what you get. There are no more vague promises about new, better, or more exciting things "coming soon". You are welcome to check back here in an hour or next week or next year. If you do don't be surprised if everything, or nothing, has changed. Oh, by the way, most changes will not be seen on this page -- this is just a gateway -- they will be found by following the links provided here.

My grumpy old man stuff: I have not used lots of pretty graphics with animations or frames or tables or forms, although I don't avoid using them where they make sense. I'm not a member of the MTV generation and I expect that your attention span is longer than 90 seconds and that you can read beyond the fourth grade level. I also don't assume that you are using the latest gee-whiz computer with a browser that does everything except fetch your slippers. I sometimes use ancient equipment and text-only browsers and appreciate sites which still make sense under those conditions.

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