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Medieval Oat Cakes

This recipe is adapted from:

There's something satisfying about old recipes. They're simpler in concept, made with less precise tools, and often require less time and effort to prepare.

I also don't feel pressure to get these recipes perfect. It's not like they had self-cleaning convection ovens in the 12th century, so who cares if something is a bit burnt?

I recently came across a recipe for medieval oat cakes and decided to give them a try. I was extremely pleased with the results. The cakes were hearty, sweet without being sugary, and incredibly filling.


1     cup   ( 83 g)  rolled oats
0.25  cups  ( 30 g)  dried fruit, chopped (cherries!)
0.5   tsp   (  3 g)  salt 
1     tsp   (  3 g)  cinnamon (optional)
6     tb    (127 g)  honey
1     stick (113 g)  butter melted
1.5   cups  (156 g)  oat flour

There are two ways to prepare these: bake them in the oven or fry them in a dry skillet. The former is easier, but the results aren't as tasty. I recommend frying.


1 - Add oats, dried fruit, salt, and cinnamon to a bowl and mix.
2 - Add the honey and butter and mix.
3 - Add oat flour and mix.
4 - Form 4-6 small, thin patties and place on a dry pan on med-high heat.
5 - Cook for 2 minutes, or until the bottom is almost black.
6 - Flip and cook for another 2 minutes.
7 - Transfer to a cooling rack or plate. They'll be crumbly, so be careful.


You may want to adjust the amount of oat flour to get the right consistency. The batter shouldn't be liquidy, but just sturdy enough to hold a patty shape.

(Weight measurements adjusted from the original based on the values from Aqua-Calc.)

2023-04-22 Not nearly enough dry ingredients; perhaps reduce honey to about 80-85 grams, and butter to about 75 grams. Baked at about 375 for about 12 minutes. It is delicious, we'll try again. This recipe is more like oat cookies than the oatcakes we are used to.

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