Old Favorites

As it always must be, when The Salvation Army revised its songbook in 1986 they left out some old favorite songs to make room for some of the new favorite songs. Here is a way I can help preserve some of the treasures from the past.


Issued by authority of
The Salvation Army Crest
First printing - 1953
Made and printed in Great Britain by
The Campfield Press, St. Albans

836 Never part again, 70, Eb; Lydia, 77, D; We'll fight till Jesus comes, 108, G.

To save the world is our desire,
For enemies we pray;
We'll never tire, we'll stand the fire,
And never, never run away.

We're marching on to conquer all,
Before our God the world shall fall;
We'll face the foe, to battle go,
And never, never run away.
What, never run away?
No, never run away.
What, never run away?
No, never run away.
We'll face the foe, to battle go,
And never, never run away.

2 Sin's greatest strongholds we'll attack,
Our Captain we'll obey;
The foe shall yet be driven back,
We'll never, never run away.

3 We'll onward march, with flag unfurled,
Our King shall have the sway;
He lived and died to save the world;
We'll never, never run away.
William Pearson

695 Sword and shield, 415, D.

We are marching o'er the regions
Where the slavery of sin
Is enforced by hellish legions,
But we'll fight and we shall win.
Step by step we march along
Never daunted, fearing none,
True liberty from self and Satan
Is our song.

With sword and shield we'll take the field,
We're not afraid to die,
While the standard of the cross is waving o'er us;
We raise on high our battle cry,
And all Hell's powers defy;
Scattered by our ranks, the foe falls down before us,
March on! March on!
Heed not the cannon's roar,
March on! March on!
There's a crown when the battle's o'er.

2 Have you heard the voice of weeping?
Have you heard the wail of woe?
Have you seen the fearful reaping
Of a soul that sinks below?
Rouse, then, who by Christ are freed,
Heed, O heed the world's great need;
To save the lost, like Him who saved you,
Forward speed.

3 In the darkest hour remember
Him who on the cross has died,
So that every captive's fetter
Might be broken, cast aside!
Grip your weapons, soldiers brave,
Forward, dying souls to save;
Fight on, until in every land
Your colours wave!
Herbert H. Booth (verse 1 and chorus)
Richard Slater (verses 2 & 3)

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