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Bible Study Tools

Links to the tools I use most often, and to some that I seldom use but don't want to forget.

NET Bible Classic

My favorite; features the New English Translation (NET), provides a flexible search tool, and for each passage: translation comparisons including the original languages, Greek and Hebrew word-study tools, and links to bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, and essays, sermons and study guides.

Bible Hub

Bible Hub offers a variety of tools; this link goes directly to their offering of the Interlinear Bible, which is what I use most often there.

Bible Gateway

A great source for parallel (side-by-side) comparisons of (lots of) different translations; has nice search tools, and you can select up to five translations in which the search will be conducted simultaneously.

Greek Word Study Tool

Greek word study tool at Tufts University provides a look at the secular meanings associated with Greek words from the New Testament. The NET tools at Bible.org only provide a Christian perspective in most cases; and sometimes it helps to see what meaning non-Christian people attached to those words.


The location of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible.

Sefaria Tanakh

My first choice for insight from a Jewish perpective, this site features a modern English translation (JPS 1985) (and would be far more useful if I learned to read the commentaries that are presented in Hebrew).

The Complete Jewish Bible

Another Jewish translation, the 1917 JPS edition with commentary by Rashi.


A good place to get an overview of individual books; but keep in mind the challenges associated with the open editing process.


A searchable collection of commentaries, plus a variety of other study tools.

Bible Study Tools

Similar to Studylight, a collection of translations, commentaries, and other study materials.

Chronology of the Gospels

Events from the life of Christ in approximate chronological order. When an event appears in more than one gospel, the parallel accounts are grouped together.

HTML Bible

A wide selection of (mostly older) translations, including several that I've seen nowhere else, plus translations to other modern languages.

Easy English Bible

The Easy English translation uses a very restricted vocabulary for the benefit of non-native speakers of English. The commentaries are also written with the same limited vocabulary.

Overview Bible

As it says on the label: a brief overview of each book; well done, with helpful graphics and charts, even some videos. See also their topical studies.

Biblical Training

A provider of online training classes, this is a link to their library.

Precept Austin

Good selection of commentaries.

Which Translation?

NIV/NET/ESV Brief comparison

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