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Spartan Client Software

Since I'm now focusing my efforts on the Spartan protocol it is probably a good idea to point folks to appropriate client software. As of mid-June 2022 I am thinking that Lagrange is the best choice for a Spartan client.

Graphical Clients

Lagrange is a GUI client available for Windows, MacOS, Linux/BSD, Android and iOS. If you work primarily in text mode, whether in a terminal window or at the console, you can compile a TUI version of Lagrange that provides the same functionality and user interface as the GUI version.

Eva also looks like it could be a good choice. It is still in early stages of development but is usable now. It is probably not yet available from your system's package manager or software store, so you'll likely have to build it from source code.

Text-mode Clients

The "gelim" CLI client for Gemini and Spartan has some nice features: integrated search of gemspace, word wrap so that long lines are easier to read, and mouse support (in X11). It is written in Go and is probably not in your system's package manager or software store, so you'll need to have "git" and "go" (or "golang") installed to build it from the source code.

"A command-line and offline-first smolnet browser/feed reader for Gemini, Gopher, Spartan and Web by Ploum. The goal of Offpunk is to be able to synchronise your content once (a day, a week, a month) and then browse/organise it while staying disconnected."

Offpunk is the only client I know that handles all three of the protocols I use for this site (plus more: gemini, gopher, http, https, mailto, spartan and file). I most appreciate not having to switch to different client software when my work leads from a Spartan site to a HTTPS website and then maybe back to a Gemini site. Many nice features, makes browsing in the console or terminal environment much simpler.

This is a friendly fork of the real bollux. It's not entirely written in bash and it has experimental support for spartan:// and file:// protocols. If your system's package manager or software store offers Bollux it likely is the original version and won't have support for Spartan.

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