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Spartan Over HTTP

I've just been testing a nice, simple solution for serving my gemtext content over HTTP. It looks very promising. I'll have to spend some time rearranging the directory structure a little bit to make it simpler to maintain going forward. Some of my existing HTML content will live side-by-side with the new Spartan files, because there are a few pages that just make more sense that way.

This bit of magic is made possible by the [gmi to html] PHP code provided by the fine folks at

I am hoping to complete the transition before I travel back to Washington next week.

UPDATE: the conversion is complete. ๐Ÿ˜Š It is possible I'll still discover problems, but all my testing so far looks good. Now displays my Spartan index.gmi (converted to HTML). So the same set of gemtext files are now served via Spartan, Gemini, and HTTP. The final step will be removing the .html and .htm files that are sitting side-by-side with .gmi files with the same name, after I set up HTTP redirects for them of course.

Hmmm... I wonder if I want to add Gopher to the mix. I'll need to learn a lot more about Gopher, but some of my content might actually be a good match for it.

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