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Gemblog Works

It took a lot longer than it should have, but patience and persistence have paid off again -- I've these blog entries showing up on my Gemini site as well as the web.

The default method of displaying bashblog's markdown files didn't work very well (especially for links in markdown format), so I'm now running the markdown through "gemgen" to create .gmi files alongside the .md and .html files. It is messy and wasteful -- the same content is there in three separate files -- but it works.

ToDo: hook gemgen into the bashblog script to automatically create the .gmi when the post is created.

Bigger ToDo: convince the Spartan server to read those same files. Hmmm... perhaps I can have the publichtml/blog/index.gmi file also create an index.gmi (and symlinks?) for the publicspartan/blog directory.

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