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Spartan Blog Born

After hours of tinkering I've finally come up with a solution that might work.

This page has more detail than most people will want about the design decisions, the development process, and the code that makes it work.

The code is working fine to deliver my blog pages via Gemini, but it fails when trying to retrieve it using Spartan. At this point I'm ready to blame the server configuration. I've tried to follow the instructions on the Spartan [wiki] page, but it seems that Spartan server never tries to execute my index.gmi, rather it always returns the content of that file as text/gemini.

I've verified that both the Gemini index.gmi and the Spartan index.gmi function as expected when executed from the command line. They each return the protocol header appropriate to their respective protocol. The Gemini server code executes the index.gmi and returns the generated content. The Spartan server apparently does not execute the file but treats it as standard Spartan content.

UPDATE: patience and persistence have paid off again, and the blog files are now visible from both Gemini and Spartan.

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