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Welcome To The Past

"It was twenty years ago today / Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play / They've been going in and out of style / But they're guaranteed to raise a smile" -- Paul McCartney

It was about 40 years ago that I purchased my first home computer. It was amazing! I was soon engrossed with teaching it how to do all sorts of useful things. Or, it might be better said that I learned to use it for a few useful things.

I spent many hours sequestered in my attic workshop tinkering with that expensive toy. Hours that otherwise would have been spent tending to the affairs of my household and engaged in social interaction with my wife and children.

It was about 40 days ago that I learned about the "small web" being built using Gemini and Spartan and good old Gopher. The excitement of the early days of what is now the commercial web was rekindled. I've spent too many hours since then hunched over keyboards and staring into various screens as I build a new home for my web stuff. Late nights and early mornings, sacrificing sleep and neglecting good nutrition and adequate exercise, ignoring the family around me -- it is not good for my health or my relationships. But it is interesting and exciting (to me, at least)!

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