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A Tired Old Man

Today I feel very much like a tired old man.

Not that I would know how a tired old man should feel. But I do know that this old man feels tired today.

I suppose that's what motivated me to listen to Bessie Griffin sing "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" while I was writing this. I kept waiting for the melancholy to end and the song to turn to swing or jazz or something inspiring.

I suppose it is not surpising. I have reached an age that most folks would call "old". It is too warm here today, though exactly what I would expect for a mid-summer morning in central California. I got six hours of sleep last night, which is generally enough for me though I'd usually like a couple more. I can't say that I'm experiencing any measurable symptoms of common diseases.





So I just turned on [Your Classical]'s radio stream for some brighter music, and now I'll post this and start my morning routine -- hoping that the exercises and other self-care activities will cure what has afflicted me this morning.

UPDATE: Well, it worked. Many times I find that by the time I've groomed and dressed myself I am feeling better, and am better prepared to face the day.

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