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What's Your Plan?

I am convinced that climate change is happening faster than many of us thought that it would. I am also convinced that the ultimate result of these changes will be a smaller human population on the earth who are all living simpler lives (using less energy and technological inputs than is common to our current Western lifestyles). This change of life-ways might well be described as "degrowth".

If you're not yet familiar with "degrowth" these web links can help:

While degrowth is often viewed as an economic process to be managed politically, I want to focus on the pragmatic issues on a small scale. What do I, as an individual making decisions about my own life and household, do to prepare for the coming changes?

A few weeks ago I began working out the answer to that question. So far I've got a small collection of links that relate to the ideas I'm working on, intermingled with an outline and a few paragraphs describing my thoughts so far. It is not a polished, well thought out, publishable essay. The page is still being edited, but I want to use it as a tool for discussions that we're having in our family. As we -- honestly, mostly I -- work through that process the page will be updated to better reflect our understanding and our planning.

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