Climate Action?

Perhaps I'm getting a bit crazy, or perhaps a bit desparate. Though I'm definitely a fish out of water when it comes to social media I've taken to sloganeering on Mastodon in an effort to influence somebody, anybody who might scroll by. Will it make any difference? I believe the answer is "yes", if enough people care and begin speaking out.

Yesterday's first post:

πŸ›‘ Stop polluting the air that I must breathe by operating
your motorized vehicles! Please.

"Burning fossil fuels harms others" -- Peter Kalmus

Big oil is too powerful? Stop buying gas from them.

Now I'll have to develop and refine a collection of bumper sticker / elevator pitch / sound bite slogans -- oh yeah, this is the internet and here they call stuff like this "memes". And I'll have to be somewhat consistent in posting them. Posting here is like putting a sign in my front yard, folks who happen to wander down our out-of-the-way street might notice it when they're in the neighborhood. Posting on Mastodon is more like passing out leaflets at the mall or plaza downtown or other places with crowds of people.

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🏷 tags: #StopBuyingGas #DrivingIsSociallyUnacceptable #WalkingWorks #BikesAreNice #RideTheBus


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