Just Don't Buy It!

I've been casually monitoring the COP28 talks and I am more and more becoming convinced that they are primarily for show. Fossil fuel exporting nations won't accept (for good reason, from their perspective) any language in the agreements that includes the phrase "phase out" in relation to fossil fuels. Most other nations insist that such language is crucial to reaching an agreement.

The international agreements are probably important, but let's not lose sight of a crucial fact here. In all these economic transactions there is a producer/seller and a consumer/buyer. Even if the fossil fuel producers won't sign an agreement at some international meeting, the rest of us can certainly just stop buying what they're selling.

Don't let the instransigence of a minority and the showmanship of high-level gabfests distract you. Insist that your own local, regional, and national govermnents take appropriate actions to phase out the use of fossil fuels.

Big oil is too powerful? Stop buying gas from them.

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