Another Operator: Only One Of Many

2003-12-21 07:12:22

This is the first post of the "Another Operator" series, a blog that I had at for several years. I was a very active user of the Opera browser until the company went public, their CEO left and it became a Chinese company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Their new management made major changes in the design of the software and I found a different browser to use. When they closed down the website I downloaded all my data and it has lurked in the dark corners of my system for years now -- until I copied it into this file. - 2022-09-17

It is good to have a place that is your own; where friends can find you, where you can speak of what is most important; where others can comment and engage in dialogue that has the potential to enrich each participant.

This is only one among many such places. Thank you! Opera for providing this place -- and for providing an affordable quality tool that makes using this place and so many others more efficient and enjoyable.


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