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Another Operator: I Give Up

2004-04-24 16:04:03

After spending another couple hours editing and testing I've decided that using only system colors for the chat stylesheet is just too limiting. In order to get a suitable combination of colors, font styles, and font sizes that works in the Linux environment I had to use system colors that do not work well in the Windows environment.

A styleseet that works in both environments would have to be so simplified that you'd lose some of the useful distinctions between system messages, your own comments, regular window traffic, and alert lines (where someone else types your nickname). Already most folks say this stylsheet is ugly - a universal system-colors-only stylesheet would be even worse.

Of course, I can make no claim to any artistic sense or design abilities. Someone who has some art/design training may be able to make vast improvements and still use only system colors to achieve an attractive design that provides good differentiation among the various data types in the chat window, and does so across the range of operating systems that Opera supports.

Can you do better than I did?

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