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Another Operator: Why Only Opera?

2004-07-11 02:07:33

Many visitors to the #opera chat room on ask "If nobody is talking anyway, why do we have to only talk about Opera?" Here are some reasons:

Many of the nicknames you see often in the #opera room are experienced Opera users who don't mind helping others when they can. They are often busy people with other things going on, and they monitor the #opera room traffic throughout the time they're connected. If the room is filled with off-topic chatter it becomes much more difficult to see the Opera-related material they came there to discuss.

If the room seems dead, or you think folks are ignoring you, it is because most of us only respond when we can contribute meaningfully to the discussion of Opera. We came to talk about Opera, it really is that simple.

The whole point of the #opera room is to talk about Opera. There are other rooms that are designed for casual chat or chat about other specific topics. Please join the #lounge room (type "/join #lounge") for general chat. Use the List Rooms button or command to see the other rooms and their topics.

When you join the room it is not necessary to introduce yourself; everyone sees the notice that you've joined. If you came to ask a question, just blurt it out - that's what everyone else has been waiting for. If you just came to hang out with other Opera users and chat (about Opera, of course!) then it may be more polite to watch the traffic for a little while to see what folks are already talking about.

Oh by the way, the operators of the room have accepted the responsibility to monitor the traffic and help keep it on topic. That's why they sometimes have to kick folks out of the room or ban them from re-entering it. Please see the Acceptable Use Policies [AUP] for the official rules, which can be summarized as "be nice".

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