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Another Operator: Opera On USB Flash Drive - It Sorta Works

2005-01-03 06:01:20

Installed Opera 7.50 to the 'D:Opera' directory on my USB flash drive, moved all the path references in opera6.ini to opera6def.ini, and then replaced all the 'D:Opera' references with '%CD%'. The %CD% part, on Windows 2000 and XP at least, expands to the current directory. (To test, open a command prompt window and type 'ECHO %CD%'; you should get back the current path. CD to a different drive/path and repeat it, and you should get back the new path.) This is necessary because the USB flash drive may be assigned any arbitrary drive letter as I move from machine to machine.

Was it successful? Almost.

Opera created a new directory named Opera\%CD% that contains the Mail and Profile directory trees. Flash drives are slow, so I turned off disk caching in Opera's preferences. Installing a new skin always creates a new path reference in opera6.ini that I delete after closing Opera (because I have a path reference for the skin in opera6def.ini).

I'll tinker with it a bit more as I have time. It does make a handy way to demo Opera to skeptical friends, and I don't have to put up with IE if I'm working temporarily at another computer.

Comment from: Splintax - 2005-01-03 06:01:20

Have you tried typing it twice? e.g. \ for . The first should cause the second one to be displayed.. if you don't get it already it's hard to explain :p

Sounds like a great idea and I'll see if I can get it working. I use Opera at home and have Pocket Firefox on my flash drive (and Firefox v1.0 for Opera backup) but it would be great if I could ditch Pocket Firefox for a superior browser ;)

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