Another Operator: An M2 Stripper?

2005-04-23 20:04:39

[Received e-mail today with this question, but got invalid address errors when I tried to reply.]

"My question is: are there any programs out there which would allow me to edit an .mbs file? Specifically, I am looking for a simple program which will allow me to edit files exported from M2 in .mbs format by stripping off the attachments.

"I keep all my outgoing messages in exported files and it would be really useful to be able to have them contain only the text, not the attachments."

There is no way to do this and have Opera still be able to properly index your .mbs files. If you made copies of your .mbs files and used a utility to strip out the attachments, and then imported them back into Opera so it had proper indexes of them, they would no longer appear in your Sent messages.

However, if you want to simply maintain an external archive of sent messages the following information may be useful.

I haven't tested this, and it is a geek tool rather than the typical point-and-click end-user software, but it looks like it might do what you need: mimeStrip at {Seventeen years later: a similar program that's currently available is [ripmime], but running it on a Windows machine will likely require a good dose of geekery.}

I notice that the MailMan software package has a similar capability, but that would really be overkill and be quite cumbersome.

If you need to extract the attachments (without stripping them out of the .mbs files) this tool looks like it can do that:

Other than that, you could always just edit copies of the .mbs files yourself since they are plain text. A good programmer's text editor will make the job easier, but it would still be tedious.

BE VERY CAREFUL! If you want to still use the .mbs files in Opera you must not modify them or Opera's indexing scheme will lose its mind and bad things will happen. I'm assuming that you want to maintain external archive copies that can be read independently of Opera. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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