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Papa's House: Old And Older

Monday, January 3, 2005 9:01:56 AM

We (Carol and I) drove to Colorado for the Thanksgiving holiday recently. There are some interesting stories to tell about that trip, but most of them will wait for another time.

As we drove through Barstow and out toward Calico I described for Carol the time that Debbie, Noah, Kaylee, Micah, and I visited the Calico Ghost Town, and how we had driven over to Peggy Sue's Diner for a snack afterward. Carol and I stopped at Peggy Sue's for pie and coffee on this trip as well. Debbie had commented that she now had some appreciation for how her mother had felt a sense of panic watching her and her sister scramble over the rocks to explore all the hidden treasures. Oh! and all the questions: about the school, and the bathtub, and the train, and the glass house, and.... It was a fun visit. Even the "boring" drive afterward around the Marine Corps Supply Center and past those acres of solar collector panels provided some interesting things to remember later.

We also remembered our first visit to Calico, when Debbie was the little girl; how the wind blew that morning, and how Debbie impressed the operator of the Shooting Gallery with her marksmanship. These older memories enhance and are enriched by the newer ones, and now even more by their retelling here.

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