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Ok, here I am finally on day five of our trip. I did pay for computer time in a coffee shop on day three but totally lost the post just prior to timing out. So let's see what I can remember of the past five days to share with all of you.

The first day we were on all familiar roads because I requested to go to Las Vegas. We got a less than desirable situation at the motel. Drove around two hours looking for a small place to eat and play slots. Ended up with chinese food, no slots. Did have a nice morning the next day with slots, breaking even and were on our way to seeing beautiful scenery, Zion National Park, and all the roads we drove were new to us. It was just a wonderful day for James and I both.

I have tried to get post cards for the grandkids at most stops. I am challenging Noah and Alex to follow our travels on a map and try to guess where the next post card may come from. We arrived at my parents on Monday night to find my brother and his family there already. What a wonderful reunion.

Tuesday was spent visiting with family in Montrose. Carol Lee fixed a wonderful chicken enchilada dinner for everyone and it was great. Then on Wednesday we we all drove up to Ridgway to the Jackson's place. Yvonne and John have a most beautiful home and yard. I am always amazed at Yvonne's talent and creativity. This place is a work of art with her enthusiasm and their hard work it shows nothing is impossible.

Folks are leaving and I need to finish up for now. We are trying to get dad's computer online and if so I can get online with less interruptions. Talk to you later.


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