ROAD STUFF: More Preparation


This is the Wednesday before leaving on Saturday and so only three more days left to get all the "stuff" done. Now the car is ready mechanically speacking, except the seat belt part that was ordered and that will have to wait until we get home. Boy was James happy to hear it was all under warrenty. And of course it is cleaned, inside and out. Hope to keep the bugs off the car the rest of the week. We do have a bug problem with the outside of the car due to living in dairy country and always driving through early mornings and in the evenings. Jamie has developed a real talent for getting those things off in record time whenever I con her into washing the cars for us.

Now that the shopping for the trip is done I need to get laundry done, packing and then I guess just clean up some. The sewing is done. The quilt I made Monday still needs delivered to Stockton, mom's cookie recipe book printed and assembled, all 18 copies, so I am not really at the point of feeling like it is all under control yet.

Road trip indeed. I will be to worn out ot see the road by the time we pull out of the driveway.


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