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Grays Harbor Salvationists Fellowship

A resource for Salvationists in the Grays Harbor area.

We are conducting a weekly [Bible Study] on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. Contact [James Card] for details about the location.

We may schedule meetings, meals, events, work days, play days, or anything else we decide to do together. We might share pictures, stories, prayer requests, victories and triumphs, or heartaches and troubles. Most of us have accounts at one or more of the large social network sites so that kind of sharing will likely happen mostly there. For those who don't use the big social media sites - like me - this is intended as a safer, more privacy-respecting, yet still public, place.

Scheduled Activities

2020-01-05 6:00 pm - Bible Study "What Did Jesus Do? 15: Matthew 24-25"

2020-01-12 6:00 pm - Bible Study "What Did Jesus Do? 16: Matthew 26"

2020-01-19 8:30 am - Group visit to Olympia Corps

2020-01-26 6:00 pm - Bible Study "What Did Jesus Do? 17: Matthew 27"

A history of Grays Harbor Salvationists Fellowship is on the [History page].

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