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The New World

Through His eyes

Do you sometimes look around you and see all the hurting, angry, sin-sick people? I do, and I thought "Why doesn't someone do something about this?" Then I realized that only God could heal the sickness of sin in this world, and I thought "Why doesn't God do something about this?" But then I realized that He already has!

Hey, wake up!

"Rouse then soldiers,

Rally round the banner.

Ready, steady, pass the word along;

Christ is captain of the mighty throng."

It is not recorded anywhere in the Bible, but if you study carefully you will understand that this may have happened:

The place is Heaven.

The Son said to the Father "Look at our people down there. I remember what it was like during that week when we created them — all the careful planning to provide them with the very best things. And remember what joy we shared during those first days when we walked together with them in the garden? See how they have ruined their lives?"

FATHER: "Yes, look. There is a hurting, angry father beating his wife and children. And over there is a lonely young lady trying to find love in a bottle. And a young child crying, hungry and scared because his parents won't care for him. So many of them searching for me but being led into pain and hurt by Satan."

SON: "Oh, look over there. See that large group of people, all dressed so neatly and marching so proudly. They think they are on the road to heaven, but they don't realize that Satan is leading their commander down the other road."

FATHER: "Yes, and each day a few more step into eternity on that road rather than ours."

SON: "Oh, no! There go some more. Father, we must do something!"

FATHER: "Yes, but they don't listen to me. If I went to them face to face it would contaminate the purity of my holiness, and it would be instantly fatal to them. There is only one way: you, my son, must become a man. Then they can meet you face to face. They will know that you are living the same life that they do, and they will listen to you."

SON: "Yes! It won't be easy but how else could we keep that deceiver, Lucifer, from snatching them into his destruction? I will do it to keep them safe and bring them healing and peace."

Have you learned to see the world through His eyes?

When you do you may realize that there is something you can do about the problems in the world around you.

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