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~Jonnycakes avec les Multigrains~

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~Jonnycakes avec les Multigrains~

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I've added weight conversions for the measurements, but otherwise left the instructions untouched to preserve their unique style.

2020/10/30 - A new savoury stovetop pancakey whatsit for your hardy consumption.


1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour          120 g
2 Cup Nice Oats                  167 g
3 Cup Maize/Corn Flour           342 g
1 Tbsp Baking Powder              14 g
1 tsp Curry Powder                 2 g
1 dash Jalepeño Chili Pepper      
1 tsp Table Salt                   6 g
1 dash Black Pepper                
1 dash Garlic Powder               
1 Glass Water                    237 g


Oh this is pretty tasty and does well for to keep your energy up the next day. If you fancy a heavy jonnycake which lasts a good while on the shelf or in the auto, this will suit your fancy.

Mix the dry ingredients in a big bowl. I said “cups”, but really just eyeball the proportions from the containers. I suggest putting the oats on bottom of the bowl. It’s deuce annoying when wheat flour gets all stuck in the bottom of the bowl. So put the oaty in first and you’ll feel satisfied by how less sticky it is.

Then make a volcano cauldera to pour some water in. Weeeee... Volcano! Don’t let it run over into a pyrocastic flow and you won’t get sticky bowl. Stir it up with a fork and keep doing this, but be miserly with the water. The goal is a thick doughy paste more than a batter. The less water, the better the jonnycake holds up. The oaty will soak up the water and make it firm, whilst the wheat will help the corn stick. Do it slowly to be patient for Mr. Oaty.

In a small pan, one nice for omelettes, gloop off a kuhlump of the dough. Flatten it out to about 1/2 inch thick. Let it bake on the low heat fire until the sides look dry, then flip it. A good 2 minutes per side should do.

Place them on a rack or plate overnight to get drier. Eat a few nice and toasty with some soup. But save some journeycake for your journey, young hobbit. They are savoury and serve well with cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Or neat, while you tool about the roadways.


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