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Ripperdan, California

The town of Ripperdan, California as surveyed in 1871. This small town existed with this name for only a brief time; ultimately being surrounded by, and becoming a part of, the City of Modesto, California.

There is another place in California with the name Ripperdan, about 7.5 miles south of Madera.

Ripperdan.png (5836 x 7500 Pixels, 2.86 MB) 1871 survey map of the Town of Ripperdan, California (Stanislaus County) [IMG]

This image was extracted from 01-M-007.pdf downloaded on 2007-02-21 from [http://gis.stancounty.com/stancoedi/subdivision/subSearchRsltDetail.php?detEntryID=2413&formType=m] StanCoEDI and was later available at [http://www.stanco-pworks.org/stancoedi/subdivision/subSearchRsltDetail.php?detEntryID=2413&formType=m] StanCoPWorks. Both addresses have now gone 404.


A KML file with the approximate boundary of the town of Ripperdan. It may be used in Google Earth or other mapping software.

[HTML version]

The [HTML version] shows the KML file overlaid on an interactive map.


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