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What's Left

People who have enjoyed the Bible study sessions I've led or the sermons I have preached have sometimes asked if I could make my notes available. Recognizing that a major part of the value derived comes from the group discussion during the Bible study session, (and, to a much lesser extent, the style of delivery for sermons) what is left after the sessions are finished are just these notes.


These are my most recent sermons. I do not consider any of them to be especially good, but we did have some fun along the way.

- What does it mean to be holy? 1 Peter 1:14-17

- Sometimes others are wrong, how should we respond? Romans 12:9-18

- Our mission as believers; 1 Corinthians 12:7:27

- Feel, Be, Do; Matthew 25:31-40

- Compassion; Proverbs 14:10

Worship 1:

Worship 2:

Worship 3:

Bible Studies

Book by Book

If you haven't endured one of my Bible study sessions I should probably explain what's going on here. We embarked on a series of studies looking at one book of the Bible each week, using "The Bible Book by Book: An Introduction to Bible Synthesis" by G. Coleman Luck (ISBN-13: 978-0802400451) for the first half of each session, followed by discussion of selected passages from that week's book of scripture. These files are the questions I used to prompt the discussion. My goal was to encourage our participants to read carefully and to think about aspects of the passage they might not have considered. I might sometimes ask a question for which the selected passage has no direct answer, to point out that sometimes what we think a passage says isn't really there (even though, in some cases, that particular idea may be derived from other parts of scripture). The questions are often thought-provoking, but I must warn you that sometimes when I look at one of these sheets a few weeks later I sometimes can't recall exactly the point that particular question was trying to uncover.

How to Study the Bible

A brief series on how to study the Bible.

God's People in Exile

A brief series of studies on "God's People In Exile", begun when we learned that our local congregation was soon to be homeless: our parent body had decided to close its worship center in our community.

- where we indulge in a bit of music therapy. Psalms 137-138.

- God's plan for the exiles: settle in and prosper. Jeremiah 28, 29, and 52.

- personal righteousness and integrity under adverse circumstances. Daniel 1, 3, and 6.

- The Preparation of a Prophet. Ezekiel 2-3.

- Demonstrative Prophecy. Ezekiel 4-5.

- A Broken God. Ezekiel 6-7.

- A Driven God. Ezekiel 8-9.

- A Sojourning God. Ezekiel 10-11.

- A Restoring God. Ezekiel 33 and 43.

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