No, Not Yet

I haven't gotten to the recap of our trip that I'm still planning to write; but I did update the Memories page, and flesh out a story that I began before vacation: The Answer Man.


Almost There

At last! A short travel day, a motel that provides computers with internet access for their guests, and a quiet time to sit and compose... I have a hope of completing an entry here.

We left Delta, Utah this morning and arrived here in Tonopah, Nevada at about 14:00. Today's driving was over routes that we've travelled several times before so there wasn't much that was new and exciting to us -- plus US Highway 50 and US Highway 6 across central Utah and central Nevada are among our least-favored drives. There are some interesting things along those routes; but neither of us is a great fan of the desert, and that is the predominant feature of the landscape here.

I broke the rules a little bit this afternoon: I actually stopped the car and got out to take some pictures. It was a black-rock lava flow along US Highway 6, about an hour east of Tonopah. But I really needed to get out of the car and move around a bit -- I didn't stop just to take pictures.

When I get home, I am hoping to add some new sections here. Watch for "Roads Worth Driving" and "Highway Hypnosis" and perhaps a bit about men versus women or the spirit of the West.

By the way, I've added a link to the entry for 2003-09-01 (below) -- it seems that we managed to include several of the U.S. National Scenic Byways in our itinerary without even realizing that such a program exists. I'll concur with their selections; having travelled much of the American West I've driven many of the routes they've included as well as many that weren't. They've got many of the best ones (and there are some that I won't recommend because part of their allure -- for me, at least -- is their obscurity).


Day Eleven

Today I have had the great pleasure of spending the day with my sister, JoAnne. We went to the zoo here in Fort Collins that has all occupents all made of metal. It was interesting and a bit unique. We had a great time then returned home where we had left James to fix Dawn's computer and to babysit Chris. All three were found in good order and enjoyed an afternoon of visiting and playing cards.

Last night on the way here we stopped in Denver (or in that vicinity) at a nice Italian restraunt for a romantic dinner in celebration of out 30th anniversary. We had such a nice evening, cordial waiter, good food and reminisced about all the good things that has happened over the years. So many blessings and a love that has grown beyond any we imagined. Just his and my time together has been the highlight of this whole trip. God is so good!

So till next time, have a good day!


Day Ten

For all of James' effort to keep a log on the trip I am making very little effort. Too much to do on vacation to write about it. Today we will be leaving Montrose to head to the Fort Collins vicinity to visit my sister there. It has been nice here to visit so many of the people that I was raised with and raised by.

As James planned, he has done some world class loafing. Much of that was done in front of this computer screen, another reason for me not getting here any more often than I have; still competing with him for computer time. Of course I have Yvonne's sewing machine and got busy making curtains for the folks' house. This also may have been a cause for keeping me from the computer. lol... All in all, James and I seem to gravitate to those things that we seem to like to do best at home anyway.

Yesterday we went to Grand Junction. Leta opened her home for family to come and visit with us. We are related to so many people there we cannot possibly go to each person's home so this was very appreciated by us. Many folks were there and the afternoon was spent with women in the kitchen catching up on each others families then reminiscing on old times while men sat in the front room talking of farming and how the area was expanding. Since all were reluctent to end the time pizza was ordered and we all gravitated to the kitchen and conversation continued there. Oh, so good to spend time with all these folks. We did sneak out for a bit to see my cousin Karen who could not come over because her husband was home from the hospital very ill still and not able to be left alone. This truly was a great day and a wonderful memory for me to treasure.

Time to pack and get on the road. Hope if you are reading this you enjoy what we post. I am sure enjoying seeing the great country of Colorado again. Pretty country here. My longing to move back here is stronger than ever.


Day Five

Ok, here I am finally on day five of our trip. I did pay for computer time in a coffee shop on day three but totally lost the post just prior to timing out. So let's see what I can remember of the past five days to share with all of you.

The first day we were on all familiar roads because I requested to go to Las Vegas. We got a less than desirable situation at the motel. Drove around two hours looking for a small place to eat and play slots. Ended up with chinese food, no slots. Did have a nice morning the next day with slots, breaking even and were on our way to seeing beautiful scenery, Zion National Park, and all the roads we drove were new to us. It was just a wonderful day for James and I both.

I have tried to get post cards for the grandkids at most stops. I am challenging Noah and Alex to follow our travels on a map and try to guess where the next post card may come from. We arrived at my parents on Monday night to find my brother and his family there already. What a wonderful reunion.

Tuesday was spent visiting with family in Montrose. Carol Lee fixed a wonderful chicken enchilada dinner for everyone and it was great. Then on Wednesday we we all drove up to Ridgway to the Jackson's place. Yvonne and John have a most beautiful home and yard. I am always amazed at Yvonne's talent and creativity. This place is a work of art with her enthusiasm and their hard work it shows nothing is impossible.

Folks are leaving and I need to finish up for now. We are trying to get dad's computer online and if so I can get online with less interruptions. Talk to you later.


That's A Pretty Good Start

Well, the only portion of that original itinerary that we've seen so far is this section along Utah's state highway number 12:
The first night was in Las Vegas, which was a frustrating disappointment. This is being written while sitting in Castle Rock Coffee and Candy in Torrey, Utah. Our stay here has been wonderful. Recommended!

By the way, we're considering this as a scouting trip only; this southwestern section of Utah deserves much more time to explore than the quick once-over we're giving it now. For this trip we are travelling through... next time I'd like to travel to here.

I told the folks at the office was planning some world-class loafing during this vacation. Since most of our time so far has been spent driving or sleeping I'm afraid that I'm a failure in loafing department. No, wait! I have been loafing: I was so lazy that I wouldn't stop the car and get out to take photos of the scenic spots -- I simply held the camera at arm's length and pointed it in what seemed to be about the right direction and fired away. That's loafing.


Are We There Yet?

At an earlier stage in planning this was the route we were considering. We'll still be covering a major portion of this route, though the Yosemite piece was abandoned in favor of the faster route through Las Vegas -- we've travelled all these areas enough times before to be willing (reluctantly) to trade the splendor of Yosemite for additional time to explore areas we've not travelled so extensively.
Catheys Valley
El Portal
Lee Vining
Benton Hot Springs
Warm Springs
Crystal Springs
Cedar City
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Fry Canyon
Natural Bridges National Monument
Slick Rock
And so, like an infant just learning to crawl we're off to explore the world -- or at least the little piece of it we can reach.

Or.... we will be if I ever get myself away from the keyboard. How will I survive two weeks without constantly being within a few feet of a computer?

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