James Card

COGS2300 Cognitive Simulations

Spring 1998


Assignment 4

Topic 37.10
Keep your eye out for a poll in which a margin of error is reported. Copy the exact words and bring it to class for discussion.

"The poll has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points." - http://server.berkeley.edu/raza/work/story2.html

Topic 38.11
We all use probabilities in everyday activities to make decisions. For example, before we cross a busy street, we estimate the odds that we will get across the street safely. Briefly describe one other specific use of probability in everyday decision-making.

Driving is filled with situations similar to the one presented. A good example is turning a corner and seeing a green traffic signal ahead and trying to estimate the probability that it will remain green until you arrive at the intersection.

Topic 39.3
If we have a teacher rank students according to their oral language skills, we are using which scale of measurement?


Topic 39.8
The number of minutes of overtime work that employees perform is an example of what scale of mearurement?


Topic 40.5
What is the base for a proportion?

A proportion is expressed as a fractional value ranging from zero to one, usually in decimal format.

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