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My home corps. NEW AND IMPROVED: Turlock Corps. But, now we are here: Grays Harbor Corps. Alas! We recently learned that our local congregation is soon to be homeless: our parent body has decided to close its worship center in our community, prompting this exploration of How To Be A Soldier... When You Don't Have A Local Corps, and this (locally specific) aid to selecting an alternative place for Christian fellowship and service: Churches.

Here is a video of a visual devotional offering presented during our worship this Easter morning (2019): VID_20190421_112843.mp4 7:34 (about 483 MB), or this one taken with a better camera: VID_20190421_112844504.mp4 6:30 (about 797 MB).


The good, the bad, and the Music.

A Brief History of my spiritual journey.


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