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Do You REALLY Believe That?

DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT? Then what are you doing about it? Certainly what you think and believe will be reflected in your actions.

DOES IT REALLY MATTER? CAN THE ACTIONS OF ONE PERSON REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD? Yes, and it does **not** take a super-man. Ordinary people serving God will have exactly the effect He plans. Yes, I can! And so can you. You must only do what you can do, and with God's help that is a lot. Don't do it -- unless you **have** to. You should have a certainty about it and a sense of urgency. You will understand that you can't ***NOT*** do it. You are compelled. *

THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA: THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY. Think about what you believe and what that means in your daily life. Know what you believe; know why you believe it; and take appropriate action to implement those beliefs.

THE FIRST PERSON IS: ME! If I am to change the world the changes must begin in me. What do you believe about:

Once you have evaluated what you really believe and what is most important to you then you are ready to begin planning what you must do about it. What are you most interested in? What things do you do best? What do you most enjoy doing? These may be indicators of what your God-given gifts and talents are. They will also suggest ways you can take action to do what you are compelled by your beliefs to do.

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