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Worship and Service

Most of my life was spent serving and worshiping Christ at The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army


What The Salvation Army is all about.

The good, the bad, and the music.

Alas! We recently learned that our local congregation is soon to be homeless: our parent body has decided to close its worship center in our community, prompting this exploration of How To Be A Soldier... When You Don't Have A Local Corps.

A song that was especially meaningful to me during a diffucult time I experienced several years ago.

External Links

Christian Themes

Some of these were intended to be the seed of a sermon (and some of them were), others are more like an essay.

A brief history of my spiritual journey.

Sermon Scraps

Does science have answers to theological questions, or does theology explain scientific mysteries?

More than scraps, a collection of my sermons and Bible study guides.

My favorite Bible study tools.


An (always?) unfinished essay about the meaning of love. See also

Another unfinished essay, this one about holiness.

Not just unfinished, barely started. Exploring a recent addition to the Army's membership requirements.

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