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Personal Interests

This section contains stuff that interests me that isn't primarily related to family or church.

Descartes' View of Sense Perception
A brief paper written for a class in Modern Philosophy. It amazes me that this page is requested more often than any of the others on my site. Perhaps philosophy students are still struggling to understand this stuff.
school class philosophy perception knowledge
How to Make a Paper Airplane
The class was "Business and Technical Writing" and the assignment was to provide instructions on how to complete a task, with the choices given as "tying shoelaces" or "make a paper airplane". The airplane seemed like a much simpler task. For ten years or so this was near the top of search results for paper airplanes on the web, and the most popular page on my site.
school class writing paper airplane how-to
CoViD Data Extracts - Grays Harbor County, Washington
A running summary of pandemic data I use to evaluate my personal risk and that of family members in other communities.
numbers data health pandemic
How To Make A Mug Of Hot Cocoa
It's a simple process, why does it require two pages of instructions? Have fun!
recipes cocoa how-to food rituals
Cinnamon Oatcakes
A little something to go with your hot cocoa — though I usually prefer a mug of hot tea with my oatcakes.
recipes oatcakes how-to food
The basic recipe for this plain daily staple, plus instructions for dozens of enhanced, even fancy versions.
recipes oatcakes daily bread how-to food
Papa's Porridge
My standard breakfast porridge; in case I become too feeble to prepare my own meals someday, someone will be able to prepare some familiar comfort food for me.
recipes oats breakfast porridge how-to food rituals
My few feeble attempts at creating art.
drawings photos pictures paintings
My few very brief attempts to write poetry.
Daily Bread
What are the minimum requirements to live a life with human dignity? An essay working toward examining the the rights and duties of individual persons, and of their various societal units.
rights duties humanity society essay
The Answer Man
A very short story. It is possibly autobiographical fiction.
fiction story Modesto
Where's Here?
Not "where am I?" exactly, but "where is the only place that is not there?" Don't get lost.
locus of perception navel-gazing
The Lost Child
A very short story. No children were actually lost; but the peace and composure of the adults was seriously depleted for a while. Not every child who does not answer when called is absent.
story searching lost found
What Do I Know?
When I was young I thought I knew everything; this page contains some comments I made at a birthday party a few years ago. Now that I'm not young I perhaps can tell what is important.
This is Crazy!
An essay examining admissions policies and practices at acute care behavioral health facilities.
mental health involuntary commitment admissions essay
The Newman Occasional Journal
A one-time attempt at a blog that I only posted to a few times.
blog small town living perception prejudice
Do we serve a random God?
A reflection on the origins of life, and science, and truth. One of the first pages I posted on this site (1996).
essay evolution creation truth speculation
Faith and Truth
A brief essay about the sources and nature of truth. That description sounds more philosophical than the page itself warrants.
scripture bible truth philosophy
On the Use and Misuse of English
"Life is filled with little annoyances... get used to it." My children and grandchildren have heard me repeat that phrase many times – here I complain about how others misuse certain words.
words mangled English
Home Page
Home is somewhere around here. Every site needs needs a Home page! Actually, I like to tinker with maps so this made a fun place to do some of that.
A map I've been tinkering with.
map OSM test
An old map of a town that existed briefly that is now part of Modesto.
history map Modesto
Hills Ferry
Some contemporary photos and some historical background of the small community of Hills Ferry.
history photos pictures map
Living With A Gemini
Nothing astrological here; a Gemini is a pocket-sized computer and this page is my review of its pros and cons.
review Android handheld computer keyboard
Class Schedule
A list of my classes at CSU Stanislaus. At the beginning of each semester I updated the list and printed a fresh copy to carry with me so I could keep track of when I was supposed to be where. Keeping it on my website made it easy to refer to when I didn't have my school stuff with me.
school class schedule CSU Stanislaus
Operational Definition
How do you know? A class assignment on one of the elements of the scientific method.
school class assignment
Living in a Complex World
Life can seem complex at times. This is a menu page in this site's original organizational scheme, it just contains links to other stuff.
complex menu links
Real Living
How to live a Real Life in the Real World. Actually, this is a menu page in this site's original organizational scheme, it just contains links to other stuff.
menu links
The Real World
This is a menu page in this site's original organizational scheme, it just contains links to other stuff.
menu links
An old resume from when I was actually looking for work.
resume employment history

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Pages dealing with Christian themes, mostly related to The Salvation Army.

Articles of War
A good place to start if you're trying to figure out what The Salvation Army is all about, this is the document signed by persons who wish to enroll as soldiers of The Salvation Army.
soldier SalvationArmy doctrine
Articles of War
A side-by-side comparison of three different versions (old, older, and current) of the covenant that Soldiers of The Salvation Army agree to.
soldier SalvationArmy
What's Right With The Salvation Army
A list of elements I believe The Salvation Army has right or does well. The original intent was to expand each item with a paragraph or two of explanations or examples — over 20 years later and it is still firmly ensconced in my List of Unfinished Projects.
What's Wrong With The Salvation Army
An insider's view of what ought to be improved in The Salvation Army.
Militant Music
Is the use of militant music within The Salvation Army declining?
SalvationArmy music songs
Old Songs
Two favorite songs that weren't included in the old "new songbook" (1986).
SalvationArmy songs
Grays Harbor Salvationists Fellowship
A site for use by the Grays Harbor Salvationists Fellowship, a group of Salvation Army soldiers in the Grays Harbor area.
church SalvationArmy
How To Be A Soldier... When You Don't Have A Local Corps
Some thoughts I recorded early in the process of adjusting to the fact that our local Corps would soon be closing permanently. It helped sort out my options and my priorities. Includes a link to the accompanying set of presenter's slides.
SalvationArmy essays
Aberdeen Churches
A list of Christian churches in the Aberdeen area.
Bible Study Tools
Just what it says on the label. A collection of links to my favorite Bible study resources.
bible study
What's Left
My Bible study discussion guides are all on this page, along with my most recent sermons. Most are PDF files because participants were given printed copies.
scripture bible study
What Is Love?
The most recent and most complete of a series of essays on this topic. It is an examination of the meaning of "love" in Biblical texts.
love service
Beginners Guide To Love
One of several working drafts, or earlier attempts, to answer the question "what is love?" from a Biblical perspective. The most recent, most complete version is this: What Is Love?.
love essays scripture bible study
What Does Love Demand?
One of several working drafts, or earlier attempts, to answer the question "what is love?" from a Biblical perspective. The most recent, most complete version is this: What Is Love?.
love essays scripture bible study
Doing Love's Errands
A very short story about what it means to love.
love story family essays
In Search Of Holiness
An unfinished essay exploring what it means to be "holy".
holy scripture bible study essays
Holy! What?
A sermon exploring what it means to be "holy". Though I remember delivering this as a sermon, as I read it now it seems more like an essay.
holy sermon scripture bible study essays
What Should We Do?
This is a set of presenter's slides to be used with the Bible study God's People In Exile: What Should We Do?. I was testing whether it might be possible to replace the printed study questions with just the onscreen version. This was also my first test of using the Reveal.js library to replace my use of LibreOffice Impress or Microsoft PowerPoint.
test presentation bible study slideset
Sanctity of Marriage and Family
Not just unfinished, but just barely started, exploration of a phrase that appears in the new Soldiers Covenant but not the older Articles of War.
essays bible study family SalvationArmy
The lyrics to a song that I've listened to a lot.
music song lyrics
When Right Is Wrong - a sermon
What's the right way to tell someone they're wrong? With courtesy and respect.
sermon scripture bible study tactfulness courtesy respect
What happened to the baby?
Reflections on nourishing and caring for new Christians.
exhortation commentary spiritual growth
Do you really believe that?
Our personal values are made evident in what we choose to do.
exhortation encouragement
The New World
An imagined very short story about what the world looks like through the Creator's eyes.
sin redemption love
On Target
A miniature sermon on purpose.
purposeful living sermon
The Other Guys
A sermon of sorts, about compassion.
sermon compassion acceptance tolerance
A Brief History
Asked to write out my personal testimony, I sat down and recorded this summary of key points in my spiritual journey. It leaves out a lot since it focuses on about the first decade of my life as a Christian. (My mother's: Mom's Testimony.)
testimony spiritual growth history SalvationArmy church
Worship and Service
Primarily related to The Salvation Army, where I spent 52 years. This is where you'll find most of my church-related material. This is a menu page in this site's original organizational scheme, it just contains links to other stuff.
menu links

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These pages are likely to be of interest primarily to my family and friends.

My Mother's Birthday Party.
A couple of photos taken at the party we had to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday.
photos pictures family
Social Me(dia)
It's the 21st century now and there's this crazy new thing: "social media" -- maybe I should check it out.
social media connections addresses
The Ugly Duckling Christmas Tree
Tells the story of the crafty way we improvised a christmas tree.
story pictures family christmas crafts
Grace's Name
A very short story about a very little girl.
story fiction family
Bucketful of Memories
A collaborative memoir built from an extravagant gift.
memory family history HTML CSS markup test
When I Should Die
If you're trying to figure out when to pull my plug, this page may help. Though I've since had an attorney create proper legal documents for me, they are intended to be consistent with this page. Besides, it may help you to think about what your desires are for your own life.
family terminal illness
A few brief anecdotes of our time spent living in Alaska.
Ketchikan Alaska story
Road Stuff
A brief attempt we made at maintaining a blog, mostly travel-related stuff.
blog travel family Utah Colorado Nevada
Papa's House
Another attempt I made at maintaining a blog. Posts include: Thanks A Lot, My Days As An Eco-Terrorist, Are You Serious?, What Do You Want To Be If You Grow Up?, Hey, I Really Made A Mistake, Old And Older, plus more..
blog travel childhood adventures party behavior memories problems resolution photos
Brief comments about contrasts we noticed when we moved back to California after living in Alaska for ten years.
anecdotes Alaska California
Mom's Famous Cookies
For years my mother baked lots of cookies and used them to make lots of friends. Of course some of them asked for recipes; here they are.
recipes cookies how-to
How I Learn
After my first couple of semesters in college I was diagnosed with a learning disability. This page is the brief explanation that I gave instructors when requesting accommodations in testing schedules.
learning disabilities dysgraphia
CSUS Commencement 2000 Information
Information I posted for the benefit of family and friends who wanted to attend my graduation ceremony.
school CSU Stanislaus commencement graduation
Mom's Testimony
We were asked at church to write out our personal testimonies; my mother asked if I would include hers here. (Mine is here: A Brief History.)
testimony spiritual growth history SalvationArmy church
Remnants from my ancestors
Some poetry and other bits from my parents and grandmother.
poetry recipes
In Angels Hands
Photos of a piece of cast resin statuary that I gave to my wife, who later passed it on to a young mother whose preschooler had died following a lengthy and difficult-to-care-for illness.
pictures photos
Who am I?
Not a biography, but more information about me than you're likely to be interested in.
biographic summary
Multiple Personality Disorder
This is a menu page in this site's original organizational scheme, it just contains links to other stuff.
MPD DID menu links
HELP! My Friend Has Multiple Personalities
An introduction to MPD as we experienced it, written to help our friends understand.
Best Photos of 2010
Early in 2011, being essentially unemployed, I spent some to sorting through the thousands of pictures taken during the previous year our camera. These are some of the best, or most interesting.
pictures photos 2010
Pure Joy
"Consider it pure joy..." the scripture said. God, I'm not sure I can handle any more pure joy right now, have you got any other kind?
patience trust
The Best Trip Ever
A travelogue that was originally written before the World Wide Web was available, printed in booklet form, and distributed to the various friends and family members. When we started getting requests for reprints I converted it to the web (without the drawings that illustrated the original).
travelogue vacation driving

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Web Development

Nothing terribly interesting or useful here, just pages I've used when testing.

New Page
A basic empty web page I use as a template when creating new pages.
HTML CSS markup
December 2003
A calendar for the month of December 2003, built using <p> elements instead of a table. Done just to prove that it could be done.
HTML CSS markup test
May 2019
A calendar for the month of May 2019, built using <p> elements instead of a table. Still just tinkering.
HTML CSS markup test
Centered Text
Another page I used for testing... either testing my markup, or testing how various browsers handled the page.
HTML CSS markup test
Table-Styled List
A test page experimenting with styling nested list elements as if they were table cells.
HTML CSS markup test
Site Map
The original Site Map page for this site. I gave up long ago trying to maintain the original site structure. New pages got added occasionally, but never integrated by being properly linked into existing pages. I leave these old pages intact for the benefit of users (and search tools) who have learned how to find things using the original site structure.
User Styles
A page designed to demonstrate the effect of specifying system colors in the stylesheet. CSS3 has deprecated this feature.
HTML CSS markup test accessibility
User Styles - original version
A page designed to demonstrate the effect of specifying system colors in the stylesheet. CSS3 has deprecated this feature.
HTML CSS markup test accessibility
HTML headings, and colors. A page I use to compare how various browsers render headings.
HTML CSS markup test colors

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