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Old Content

Since this site is being converted to gemtext served over the Spartan protocol the old HTML content is not easily available now. As the conversion process proceeds more and more of the older content will be replaced (or removed, in some cases).

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Personal Interests

This section contains stuff that interests me that isn't primarily related to family or church.

CoViD Data Extracts - Grays Harbor County, Washington
A running summary of pandemic data I use to evaluate my personal risk and that of family members in other communities.
numbers data health pandemic
Home Page
Home is somewhere around here. Every site needs needs a Home page! Actually, I like to tinker with maps so this made a fun place to do some of that.
A map I've been tinkering with.
map OSM test
An old map of a town that existed briefly that is now part of Modesto.
history map Modesto
Hills Ferry
Some contemporary photos and some historical background of the small community of Hills Ferry.
history photos pictures map
Class Schedule
A list of my classes at CSU Stanislaus. At the beginning of each semester I updated the list and printed a fresh copy to carry with me so I could keep track of when I was supposed to be where. Keeping it on my website made it easy to refer to when I didn't have my school stuff with me.
school class schedule CSU Stanislaus
Operational Definition
How do you know? A class assignment on one of the elements of the scientific method.
school class assignment

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Pages dealing with Christian themes, mostly related to The Salvation Army.

Grays Harbor Salvationists Fellowship
A site for use by the Grays Harbor Salvationists Fellowship, a group of Salvation Army soldiers in the Grays Harbor area.
church SalvationArmy
Aberdeen Churches
A list of Christian churches in the Aberdeen area.
What Should We Do?
This is a set of presenter's slides to be used with the Bible study God's People In Exile: What Should We Do?. I was testing whether it might be possible to replace the printed study questions with just the onscreen version. This was also my first test of using the Reveal.js library to replace my use of LibreOffice Impress or Microsoft PowerPoint.
test presentation bible study slideset
testimony spiritual growth history SalvationArmy church

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These pages are likely to be of interest primarily to my family and friends.

My Mother's Birthday Party.
A couple of photos taken at the party we had to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday.
photos pictures family
family terminal illness
Road Stuff
A brief attempt we made at maintaining a blog, mostly travel-related stuff.
blog travel family Utah Colorado Nevada
In Angels Hands
Photos of a piece of cast resin statuary that I gave to my wife, who later passed it on to a young mother whose preschooler had died following a lengthy and difficult-to-care-for illness.
pictures photos
Best Photos of 2010
Early in 2011, being essentially unemployed, I spent some to sorting through the thousands of pictures taken during the previous year our camera. These are some of the best, or most interesting.
pictures photos 2010

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Web Development

Nothing terribly interesting or useful here, just pages I've used when testing.

New Page
A basic empty web page I use as a template when creating new pages.
HTML CSS markup
User Styles
A page designed to demonstrate the effect of specifying system colors in the stylesheet. CSS3 has deprecated this feature.
HTML CSS markup test accessibility
User Styles - original version
A page designed to demonstrate the effect of specifying system colors in the stylesheet. CSS3 has deprecated this feature.
HTML CSS markup test accessibility
HTML headings, and colors. A page I use to compare how various browsers render headings.
HTML CSS markup test colors

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